Protective creams Evija are natural Lithuanian products which soften the skin; protect the face and the hands from frost-bites; the creams can be applied to treat a number of skin injuries, applied on wounds, burns, abrasions, frost-bitten, dry and cracked skin of the hands and feet; it also protects the skin from the wind, the sun and the cold; it is suitable for the whole-body massage.

Composition: The composition of the creams includes the following natural products obtained from the clean environment: spruce resin, bee wax, lard, butter and sunflower oil. Evija LAVENDER cream contains lavender essential oils, Evija TEA TREE  has tea tree essential oils, Evija SILVER FIR has fir essential oils, and Evija MINT cream has mint essential oils in its composition.

Action: the protective cream Evija triggers the immune response and regeneration processes of the injured spot, therefore it prevents the development of infection and intoxication. It softens the dry skin and contributes to its elasticity. It accelerates the recovery of epidermal superficial skin layer damaged by excessively high or low temperatures. The cream creates a protective barrier on the skin, which prevents it from drying and protects it from harmful microorganisms. It effectively relieves a number of skin irritations, recovers and maintains a healthy skin. Tar acids and bee wax, which are included in the composition of the protective cream Evija, are distinguished by their anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory qualities. Therefore, Evija cream can be applied to treat injuries of the skin and mucous membrane of the mouth.


  • The protective cream Evija melts at the temperature of 36° C.
  •  To be applied 2 – 3 times per day or when needed.
  •  A single dosage for an adult (80 kg of weight) is up to 5 g (and correspondingly less for a child).
  •  The creams are not recommended for people sensitive to pollen and bee poison!
  •  Make sure you are not sensitive to the cream: apply the cream onto 3-4 cm2 area on the shoulder. Reaction (if the skin becomes reddish, and the body temperature rises) becomes visible within 30 min.
  •  Keep it in dark, dry place at under 20° C.
  •  The expiry period is 3 years.

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