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  • Protective Cream EVIJA Basic is a uniform yellowish mass with a pleasant scent of resin.
  • The composition of the cream includes such natural products as spruce resin and bee wax obtained from the clean environment.
  • Since ancient times, the cream of similar composition has been made and used by many people in Lithuania and Latvia
  • Resin and wax included in the composition of Evija cream are distinguished by their antibacterial qualities.
  • The cream melts at the temperature of 36° C, and has antiseptic and anti-infammatory qualities, thus it can relieve many skin injuries.
  • The cream softens the skin, protects the face and hands from frost bites.
  • The cream can be applied as a protective measure against radiation and sunburns.
  • The cream helps in the treatment of  inguinal sores, bedsores, purulent gums,  a runny nose; it softens hardening in the breasts of nursing women.
  • Evija cream can be used for a massage, it relieves pains in the joints.

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