Cream EVIJA “Classic” 280ml.

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Perfectly softens the skin, protects the face and hands from the sun, cold and wind. It has antibacterial properties. Effective for improving the condition of the skin, suitable for children and people with more sensitive skin. The cream can be used as a shaving protection and for the care of irritated mouth. Also suitable for full body massages.

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Cream EVIJA “Classic” 280ml.



Spruce resin, beeswax, butter, lard, linseed oil.


Use for application to the skin, lips;
Apply to the nose and the nasal cavity itself;

The cream is scaly, so a small amount is needed for a single dose.

The cream is not recommended for people who are allergic to any of the ingredients in the cream.

The shelf life of the cream is 3 years.


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