Cream EVIJA “Tea tree” 125ml.

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The cream contains Tea Tree essential oil, which has anti-viral and antibacterial properties, promotes skin regeneration, reduces skin irritation, is suitable for cracked, chapped, acne-prone skin and problematic lip care. Can be applied after insect bites. Perfect for children and people with more sensitive skin.

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Cream EVIJA “Tea tree” 125ml.



Spruce resin, beeswax, vegetable and animal fats, essential oil of deciduous myrtle.


  • Use for application to the skin, lips;
  • Apply to the nose and the nasal cavity itself;

The cream is scaly, so a small amount is needed for a single dose.

The cream is not recommended for people who are allergic to any of the ingredients in the cream.

The shelf life of the cream is 3 years.


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